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We Mix (Together)

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Collaborative multifandom mix-a-thon community.
wemix is a collaborative mix project and is a side project of fanmix. It focuses on mixes made for the fans, by the fans. Submit--and vote on--subjects, tracks, titles, and cover art!

Important Posts
Information & Questions
Song Requests
Title Suggestions


Week 1
Sunday - Song submissions and title suggestions open.
Saturday - Title submissions close. Title poll opens.

Week 2
Sunday - Song submissions and title poll close. Cover art submissions open.
Thursday - Cover art submissions close. Cover art poll opens.
Saturday - Cover art poll closes. Final mix is posted on Saturday or Sunday.

This community was created by missambs in January 2008 with saltroseortopaz as co-mod. It was then incorporated as a fanmix project in April 2008, revamped to accomodate more participants, and killertofu and lafemmedarla were added to the mod team.